​Wind, rainfall, snow, sunlight and also any kind of stormy climate can wreak havoc on the roof of your home and a mix of all these can have alarming effects. Storm damage roof repairs can be costly, nonetheless, they are much cheaper compared to the long-term repairs necessitated from neglecting the problem altogether.

Reasons why you shouldn’t perform storm damage roof repairs on your own:

Regardless of the quality of your roof covering and how well you maintain it, particular conditions usually bring about damage that will need to be fixed as fast as possible to avoid even more more costly damages to the roofing system and to the structure of the residence itself. Paying for top-quality storm damage repair services is definitely essential to maintaining the stability of your home, and having the repairs done promptly is likewise important. Little splits or holes could quickly result in bigger issues so you must get a quote from a reliable Concord roofing company as quickly as you possibly can.

Very few individuals actually recognize the need for storm damage repair services. Unless you have actually been in the unfavorable scenario of needing it done, it is likely you won’t know where to begin. Trying storm damage repair on your own can be a lot more pricey compared to paying a professional to complete the work correctly. Obviously, however, you’ll want to keep wind and rain from entering your home, and if the storm has hit several houses in your area, it may be a short while before you’re able to get a roofer in Concord to repair your issues.

A note about temporary storm damage roof repairs:

If a storm leaves even a tiny opening in your roof, the wind can easily get below the tarpaulin and tear it up taking yet more of the roof away with it. You need to deal with the tarpaulin to the outside of your roof because while repairing it inside might stop it from bring in the wind, rainfall will certainly  accumulate in your house, making your short-lived storm damage repair work useless.

Appropriate temporary storm damage roof repairs:

The tighter you could draw the tarpaulin over the opening, the better, so tightly secure one end then progressively make your way around, drawing and securing it in place with lots of roof nails. If you’re able to get it tight enough without holes, there is no reason why you should see more leaks while you wait for a professional roofer to complete the required roof repairs. Keep in mind that storm damage repair will initially include an inspection of the whole roofing system. Also merely repairing the leaks or gaps that have shown up may not be a complete remedy. If your roof is more than 20 years old, we recommend getting an entire roof replacement, especially if subsequent storm damage repairs don’t seem to work.

If you’ve recently become a victim of Carolina storm damage and need a Concord roofing contractor to come out and take a look at your home, we’d be happy to provide you with a free roof inspection! Give us a call at (704) 879-3390.

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